Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Regards and Best Wishes

I wanted to thank all of you for your attention over the past year or so while I tried to provide interesting content for this blog. As with all volunteer organizations, resources are limited and they must be deployed in the most effective manner possible to maximize a limited number of volunteer hours. I am pleased that the board is trying new things and attempting to create a nice mix that serves the group.

The BAM Board has decided to use the blog for a different purpose and, thus, a lot of the content I was providing will no longer be needed in this venue. The new Social Media Chair and the Board will be making the changes soon and I am sure you will see some interesting and exciting new things.

See you soon!
Your editor


Amanda M. said...

Thanks for all your service and hard work on the blog, Jaye! Now maybe you'll have more time to sew! ;)

cakath said...

I really enjoyed your work and am sorry to hear that the blog is changing. Thanks for all of your past efforts in keeping us enlightened, on track and at the correct meeting location!