Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Q2 Charity Block - New Pattern! New Inspiration!

The guild's fabulous Charity Coordinators have rolled out a new pattern for charity blocks for Q2: String blocks. This post was originally posted on the forum.

String blocks are a wonderful way to use up scraps.  We will be making quilts from 2 types of string blocks, paper foundation pieced and quilt-as-you-go. 
There are many paper foundation pieced tutorials to be found in blogland.  We like this one over at Film in the Fridge.  Please note:  we are using an 8.5" paper foundation and 1.5" center white strip for our block.

We’ve put together this tutorial to show you how to make them using the quilt-as-you-go technique, and we have provided specific measurements for the blocks we are making for our charity quilts.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Jennifer or myself.

Materials needed:
a piece of batting, cut to 8” square
a strip of solid white fabric, such as Kona Solids, cut to 13” x 1 ½”
6 assorted prints cut to the following measurements:
- 11” x 2 ½” (2)
-  8” x 2 ½”(2)
-  3” x 2 ½” (2)

Note: All seams are ¼”.

1.  Center the 13” x 1 ½” white strip corner to corner on the 8” square piece of batting.

2.  Pin an 11” x 2.5” prints right side down on top of the white strip, aligning raw edges.  Sew.  

3.  Remove pins and press to the side.

4.  Pin an 8” x 2.5” strip on top of the newly sewn 11” print, right sides together with raw edges aligned.  Sew.

5.  Remove pins and press to the side.

6.  Pin a 3” x 2.5” strip on top of the newly sewn 8” print, right sides together with raw edges aligned.  Sew.

7.  Remove pins and press to the side.

8.  Repeat steps 1-7 for opposite side of the block.

Turn the block over and trim, adding a ½” seam allowance.

Block will be 9” square.

Turn over and admire your work!


Erin M. said...

Is there any color scheme you are looking for? or for that matter trying to avoid?

deborah said...

We're pretty flexible. So far, the charities we've chosen are geared towards children aged 0-10, so use your best judgement. Thanks for asking :)